Kgomo go tsošwa yeo e itsošago!’

Marumo Publishing, as an educational publisher, is committed to the educational upliftment of all South African Communities (black, white, Indian, acoloured), in achieving excellence in education.

Our social upliftment policy aims to help poor, hardworking and talented South Africanas, irrespective of race, to achieve their educational ambitions.


‘Kgomo go tsošwa yeo e itsošago !’

  1. Our community outreach policy is based on the following core principles;
  2. Proven hard work and commitment to achieving success in the field of education
  3. Track record of success, despite the odds
  4. A proven financial constraint in achieving educational objectives
  5. A clear idea of the target you are aiming at.


Marumo Bursary Scheme is aimed at providing educational assistance to deserving South African students in furthering their education, in line with our social upliftment policy.

Details of the Bursary Scheme

  1. The scheme is aimed at post matric students.
  2. Two students each receive an amount up to R6000 per year towards their academic fees for a period of three years, starting in 2014.
  3. After three years, two new students are selected to receive the bursary assistance for a further three years.

Rules of the Scheme

  1. All post matric students are eligible to enter, irrespective of race
  2. All applicants must satisfy the criteria as stated in our social upliftment policy
  3. Applicants should provide proof that they have been admitted to a tertiary institution
  4. Successful students have to provide proof that they have passed and are progressing to the next level of their yearly studies before further amounts can be disbursed.
  5. Failure to progress to the next level of study will result in an automatic cancellation of the bursary assistance.
  6. The money shall be paid directly into the bank accounts of the relevant educational institution.
  7. The Marumo Bursary Committee reserves the right to increase or decrease the amounts payable in this bursary scheme, depending of the availability of funding.
  8. The details and rules of the scheme are subject to change without notice.

How to Apply

  1. Write a one-page, hand-written motivation to Marumo Publishing, stating reasons why you should be considered for the bursary scheme.  
  2. Shortlisted applicants will be called in for an interview.
  3. We will reply and correspond with shortlisted candidates only
  4. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entertained.