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frequently asked questions
There are a few ways to obtain our publications within South Africa, and in Southern Africa.
Where can I get a pricelist?
Our price list can be downloaded here Pricelist
How do I get a discount as a bookseller?
Booksellers and other companies that buy books to resell, qualify for at least 30% discount. Certain criteria need to be met to qualify, such as a trading history with us. Call our customer services or send a request with the details here contact us.
How do I publish my manuscript?
We currently DO NOT accept manuscripts for literature publications (novels, drama, short plays, etc). Should the situation change, it will be announced on this website. Manuscripts for content subjects such as mathematics, science, languages, etc, that are developed according to the current approved South African curriculum are welcome. Such possible authors need to contact us at to be considered for our writing panels first. Please do not send original typed / hand-written manuscripts to us. We accept manuscripts that are in electronic format only. If they are not available in electronic format, please send copies thereof, and keep the original manuscripts with you, as we will not be responsible for items that are lost in the mail.
Where can I get a bookseller to buy your book?
Please find a bookseller near you or try to find one here South African Booksellers Association.
How long is my quotation valid?
Our quotations are valid for 30 days, provided stock is still available.
I was told that there is no stock when I finally placed my order based on your quotation.
We do not reserve stock based on a quotation. The status of stock changes all the time according to firm orders that are received. The sooner an order is placed after the quotation, the better.
How long will I wait to get my order?
Orders take at least 3 days to be delivered in most areas in South Africa. It may take longer to deliver to very remote areas.
Why was I charged an extra delivery fee?
Majority of our order are delivered free of charge. See our Terms and Conditions. Due to criminal hijackings and vehicle thefts, most courier businesses charge an extra fee to deliver to areas considered to be high risk. In such cases, customers will be asked to pay the extra fee or make alternative delivery arrangements with our customer services department.

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