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COMPLETE PRICE LIST 2023 - 2024Effective
Marumo9781920361228360 degree English Phonics FAL LBEnglishLanguage-FAL1R 135,95
Marumo9781920361235360 degree English Phonics FAL TBEnglishLanguage FAL1R 165,95
Marumo9781920361242360 degree English Phonics FAL LBEnglishLanguage FAL2R 148,95
Marumo9781920361259360 degree English Phonics FAL TBEnglishLanguage FAL2R 165,95
Marumo9781920361266360 degree English Phonics FAL LBEnglishLanguage FAL3R 148,95
Marumo9781920361273360 degree English Phonics FAL TBEnglishLanguage FAL3R 165,95
Marumo9781920361280Revolution Reading Series - Pam and PatEnglishLanguage FAL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361298Revolution Reading Series - The lazy CatEnglishLanguage FAL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361471Revolution Reading Series - The zebra and the horseEnglishLanguage FAL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361488Revolution Reading Series - Be good to your bodyEnglishLanguage FAL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361495Revolution Reading Series - The chickenEnglishLanguage FAL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361310Revolution Reading Series - Who steals the milk?EnglishLanguage FAL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920361327Revolution Reading Series -Lazy HelenaEnglishLanguage FAL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920361334Revolution Reading Series -Benny and the birdEnglishLanguage FAL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920361341Revolution Reading Series -The Elephant saves TumiEnglishLanguage FAL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920361648Revolution Reading Series - Fly your flagEnglishLanguage FAL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920278519Revolution Reading Series - The tadpole grows upEnglishLanguage FAL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278311Revolution Reading Series -The dog and the jackalEnglishLanguage FAL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278250Revolution Reading Series -Monkeys on the looseEnglishLanguage FAL3R 122,95
Marumo9780980277258Revolution Reading Series -Billy loses his dogEnglishLanguage FAL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278304Revolution Reading Series -The jealous brotherEnglishLanguage FAL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278762Revolution Reading Series -The BoxEnglishLanguage FAL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278786Revolution Reading Series -Mr Joseph, the MillionaireEnglishLanguage FAL3R 122,95
Marumo9780980293939Revolution Reading Series - Thank You CrocodileEnglishLanguage FAL4R 122,95
Marumo9780980273908Revolution Reading Series - Jack and the CrocodileEnglishLanguage FAL4R 122,95
Marumo9780980273953Revolution Reading Series - Ben and the bullyEnglishLanguage FAL5R 122,95
Marumo9780980273922Revolution Reading Series - Sipho saves the dayEnglishLanguage FAL5R 122,95
Marumo9780980273960Revolution Reading Series - Thabo he lucky hunterEnglishLanguage FAL5R 122,95
Marumo9780980273915Revolution Reading Series - The little house in the bushEnglishLanguage FAL6R 122,95
Marumo9780980273946Revolution Reading Series - Jimmy wants to be coolEnglishLanguage FAL6R 122,95
Marumo9781920361952Revolution Reading Series Teacher's Guide Grade 1EnglishLanguage FAL1R 165,95
Marumo9781920361945Revolution Reading Series Teacher's Guide Grade 2EnglishLanguage FAL2R 165,95
Marumo9781920361936Revolution Reading Series Teacher's Guide Grade 3EnglishLanguage FAL3R 165,95
Marumo9781920361556Diphetogo - Puleng le PuleSetswanaLanguage HL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361563Diphetogo - Motlapa wa katseSetswanaLanguage HL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361570Diphetogo - Pitse ya naga le pitse ya gaeSetswanaLanguage HL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361587Diphetogo - Direla mmele wa gago molemoSetswanaLanguage HL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361594Diphetogo - Kgogo e tlhaga kae?SetswanaLanguage HL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361396Diphetogo - Ke mang a utswang mašwi?SetswanaLanguage HL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920361402Diphetogo - Helena wa setshwakgaSetswanaLanguage HL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920361419Diphetogo - Thabo le nonyaneSetswanaLanguage HL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920361426Diphetogo - Tlou e boloka botshelo jwa ga MasegoSetswanaLanguage HL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920361679Diphetogo - Tsholetsa folaga ga gago!SetswanaLanguage HL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920278243Diphetogo -Dikgabo le MaungoSetswanaLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920279359Diphetogo -Lewelana le le lefufaSetswanaLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278366Diphetogo -Phokojwe le ntswaSetswanaLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278373Diphetogo -Molefe o timetsa ntswaSetswanaLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278793Diphetogo - LebokosoSetswanaLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9780260417190Diphetogo -Rre Josefa, RadimilioneSetswanaLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920361501Padiso ya diphetogo - Pam le PatSepediLanguage HL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361518Padiso ya diphetogo - katse ya go tswafaSepediLanguage HL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361525Padiso ya diphetogo - Pitsi le PereSepediLanguage HL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361532Padiso ya diphetogo - Hlokomela mmele wa gagoSepediLanguage HL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361549Padiso ya diphetogo - Kgogo e tswa kaeSepediLanguage HL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361358Padiso ya diphetogo -Maswi a utswa ke mang?SepediLanguage HL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920361365Padiso ya diphetogo -Helena wa seboduSepediLanguage HL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920361372Padiso ya diphetogo -Benny le nonyanaSepediLanguage HL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920361389Padiso ya diphetogo -Tlou e pholosa TumiSepediLanguage HL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920361655Padiso ya diphetogo - Fofisa folaga ya gago!SepediLanguage HL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920278267Padiso ya diphetogo -Dikgabo le dienywaSepediLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278274Padiso ya diphetogo -Molefi o lahlegelwa ke MpsaSepediLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278335Padiso ya diphetogo -Lefahlana la lehufaSepediLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278342Padiso ya diphetogo -Thalabodiba e a golaSepediLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278816Padiso ya diphetogo -Morena Sefoka, RadimilioneSepediLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278090Malose le kwenaSepediLanguage HL4R 122,95
Marumo9781920278069Katlego le serumulaniSepediLanguage HL5R 122,95
Marumo9781920278052Sipho o re lamoletseSepediLanguage HL5R 122,95
Marumo9781920278076Ntlwana ka sethokgwengSepediLanguage HL6R 122,95
Marumo9781920361600Izinguquko - InkukhuIsiZuluLanguage HL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361617Izinguquko - Thanda umzimba wakhoIsiZuluLanguage HL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361624Izinguquko - Ikati iliyivilaIsiZuluLanguage HL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361631Izinguquko - UPam noPatIsiZuluLanguage HL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361686Izinguquko -Idube nehashiIsiZuluLanguage HL1R 95,95
Marumo9781920361433Izinguquko - uHelena oyivilaisiZuluLanguage HL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920361440Izinguquko - Ubani ontshontsha ubisiisiZuluLanguage HL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920361457Izinguquko - uBenny nenyoniisiZuluLanguage HL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920361464Izinguquko - indlovu isindisa UNosiphoisiZuluLanguage HL2R95,95
Marumo9781920361662Izinguquko - Ndizisa ifulegi lakho!IsiZuluLanguage HL2R 95,95
Marumo9781920278380Izinguquko - Zeqa izinkawuisiZuluLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278397Izinguquko - Inja no jakalaseisiZuluLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278403Izinguquko - Umfowethu onomonaisiZuluLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278410Izinguquko - Yalahleka inja kaMandlaisiZuluLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278151Izinguquko - Iqhawekazi uNoshobishobiisiZuluLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278717uXolile nengwenyaisiZuluLanguage HL4R 122,95
Marumo9781920278724u Sipho usindisa usukuisiZuluLanguage HL5R 122,95
Marumo9781920278731Indlu encane ehlathiniisiZuluLanguage HL6R 122,95
Marumo9781920278748Ngiyabonga NgwenyaisiZuluLanguage HL4R 122,95
Marumo9781920278168Ubuhlalu indodakazi yenkosiisiZuluLanguage HL4R 122,95
Marumo9781920278427Inja no dyakasheisiXhosaLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278434Iinkawu ezingalawulekileyoisiXhosaLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278441Iwele elinimonaisiXhosaLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278458uBilly ulahlekelwa yinja yakheisiXhosaLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278663Tingobiyane etihlaleniSiswatiLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278670Umona ngemnakaboSiswatiLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278687Inja najakalasiSiswatiLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9781920278694Bongani ulahlekelwa yinja yakheSiswatiLanguage HL3R 122,95
Marumo9780980277104Sibonga kuwe ngwenyaSiswatiLanguage HL4R 122,95
Marumo9780980277289Simanga nesichwagaSiswatiLanguage HL5R 122,95
Marumo9780980277296Jabu nengwenyaSiswatiLanguage HL4R 122,95
Marumo9781920278007Ntando ufuna kubonwaSiswatiLanguage HL6R 122,95
Marumo9781920278014Wasilamulela SiphoSiswatiLanguage HL5R 122,95
Marumo9781920278021Thabo nenhlanhla yekutingelaSiswatiLanguage HL5R 122,95
Marumo9781920278038Indlwana lesehlatsiniSiswatiLanguage HL6R 122,95
Marumo9780620280334S2000 MacbethEnglishlanguage12R 185,95
Marumo9781920542115S2000 Macbeth (New Edition)Englishlanguage12R 138,95
Marumo9780620292337S2000 Twelfth NightEnglishlanguage12R 185,95
Marumo9780620311342S2000 HamletEnglishlanguage12R 185,95
Marumo9780620325738S2000 Julius CaesarEnglishlanguage12R 185,95
Marumo9780620342629S2000 Antony & CleopatraEnglishlanguage12R 185,95
Marumo9781920542122S2000 - The Merchant of Venice (New Edition)Englishlanguage11R 138,95
Marumo9781770216334S2000 Romeo and JulietEnglishlanguage12R 185,95
Marumo9781770218680S2000 King Lear Q&AEnglishlanguage12R 185,95
Marumo9780620319478S2000 OthelloEnglishlanguage12R 185,95
Marumo9781920542580S2000 Coriolanus 1 txtEnglishlanguage12R 185,95
Marumo9781920542702S2000 Coriolanus 2 txtEnglishlanguage12R 185,95
Marumo9781920542139360 degree English Phonics FAL LB ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL1R 98,95
Marumo9781920542146360 degree English Phonics FAL LB ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL1R 85,95
Marumo9781920542153360 degree English Phonics FAL LB ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL2R 98,95
Marumo9781920542160360 degree English Phonics FAL LB-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL2R 85,95
Marumo9781920542177360 degree English Phonics FAL LB-ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL3R 98,95
Marumo9781920542184360 degree English Phonics FAL LB-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL3R 85,95
Marumo9781920542535S2000 - The Merchant of Venice - ePub3EnglishLanguage11R 85,95
Marumo9781920542542S2000 - The Merchant of Venice - ePDFEnglishLanguage11R 85,95
Marumo9781920542559S2000 - Macbeth ePub3EnglishLanguage12R 85,95
Marumo9781920542566S2000 - Macbeth ePDFEnglishLanguage12R 85,95
Marumo9781920542873S2000 - Romeo & Juliet ePub3EnglishLanguage10,11,12R 85,95
Marumo9781920542597S2000 - Romeo & Juliet ePDFEnglishLanguage10,11,12R 85,95
Marumo9781920542603S2000 - Othello ePub3EnglishLanguage10,11,12R 85,95
Marumo9781920542610S2000 - Othello ePDFEnglishLanguage10,11,12R 85,95
Marumo9781920542191Revolution Reading Series - Pam and Pat-ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL1R 85,95
Marumo9781920542207Revolution Reading Series - Pam and Pat-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL1R 85,95
Marumo9781920542214Revolution Reading Series - The lazy Cat-ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL1R 85,95
Marumo9781920542221Revolution Reading Series - The lazy Cat-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL1R 85,95
Marumo9781920542238Revolution Reading Series - The zebra and the horse-ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL1R 85,95
Marumo9781920542245Revolution Reading Series - The zebra and the horse-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL1R 85,95
Marumo9781920542252Revolution Reading Series - Be good to your body-ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL1R 85,95
Marumo9781920542269Revolution Reading Series - Be good to your body-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL1R 85,95
Marumo9781920542276Revolution Reading Series - The chicken-ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL1R 85,95
Marumo9781920542283Revolution Reading Series - The chicken-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL1R 85,95
Marumo9781920542290Revolution Reading Series - Who steals the milk?-ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL2R 85,95
Marumo9781920542306Revolution Reading Series - Who steals the milk?-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL2R 85,95
Marumo9781920542313Revolution Reading Series -Lazy Helena-ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL2R 85,95
Marumo9781920542320Revolution Reading Series -Lazy Helena-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL2R 85,95
Marumo9781920542337Revolution Reading Series -Benny and the bird-ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL2R 85,95
Marumo9781920542344Revolution Reading Series -Benny and the bird-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL2R 85,95
Marumo9781920542351Revolution Reading Series -The Elephant saves Tumi-ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL2R 85,95
Marumo9781920542368Revolution Reading Series -The Elephant saves Tumi-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL2R 85,95
Marumo9781920542375Revolution Reading Series - Fly your flag-ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL2R 85,95
Marumo9781920542382Revolution Reading Series - Fly your flag-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL2R 85,95
Marumo9781920542399Revolution Reading Series - The tadpole grows up-ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL3R 98,95
Marumo9781920542405Revolution Reading Series - The tadpole grows up-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL3R 98,95
Marumo9781920542412Revolution Reading Series -The dog and the jackal-ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL3R 98,95
Marumo9781920542429Revolution Reading Series -The dog and the jackal-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL3R 98,95
Marumo9781920542436Revolution Reading Series -Monkeys on the loose-ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL3R 98,95
Marumo9781920542443Revolution Reading Series -Monkeys on the loose-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL3R 98,95
Marumo9781920542450Revolution Reading Series -Billy loses his dog-ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL3R 98,95
Marumo9781920542467Revolution Reading Series -Billy loses his dog-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL3R 98,95
Marumo9781920542474Revolution Reading Series -The jealous brother-ePubEnglishLanguage FAL3R 98,95
Marumo9781920542481Revolution Reading Series -The jealous brother-PDFEnglishLanguage FAL3R 98,95
Marumo9781920542498Revolution Reading Series -The Box-ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL3R 98,95
Marumo9781920542504Revolution Reading Series -The Box-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL3R 98,95
Marumo9781920542511Revolution Reading Series -Mr Joseph, the Millionaire-ePub3EnglishLanguage FAL3R 98,95
Marumo9781920542528Revolution Reading Series -Mr Joseph, the Millionaire-ePDFEnglishLanguage FAL3R 98,95

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