360 degree English Phonics FAL 3 – TB

ISBN 9781920361266

Publisher: Marumo

The 360 degree English Phonics Programme is a stand-alone, comprehensive phonics programme for the foundation phase.

The Programme offers:

A comprehensive coverage of the CAPS Phonics curriculum, to enable teachers to teach phonics effectively without crossing over back and forth, to other learning materials for content to support phonics learning.
It offers phonic lessons based on reading passages, songs, poems and other practical activities that create a well-balanced context for learning phonics.
It is learner-centered and provides to consolidate, revise and reinforce knowledge already acquired.
It offers extensive, additional exercised beyond the requirements of the curriculum, in order to enable teachers to do more activities and keep all levels of learners involved at all times.
It offers activities that are usable for other CAPS requirements in reading, listening and speaking, well beyond the limit of phonics.

The Components for each grade are:
* A Phonics Programme Book to be used by learners.
* A Teacher’s Book to support teaching by the teacher.

ISBN: 9781920361266
Component : Learner’s Book

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